It is very attractive to learn more about the Japanese cuisine with the help of a cook by preparing the dish freshly on the spot. The soba making process was more fun than I’d thought it would be. There were many little quirks that looked easy when the chief was doing it but when we tried it out for ourselves it was a whole different story.

The facilities were very clean and the instructors were very nice and patient. Two different types of flour and potato paste were mixed with each other and then we started to knead the dough. The whole process, from the dough lump to the very thinly rolled dough, was very interesting.

My favorite part was cutting up the noodles since I surprised myself by being somewhat good at it. Also cutting the noodles was fascinating. Unlike in the Chinese kitchen, where many noodles are pulled, we cut the dough in very thin strips with a heavy large knife, and a wooden plate and then cooked them.

It tasted a bit different from the regular conventional soba that you would find in a soba place in Tokyo and I appreciated that a lot as I’m not a big fan of soba. I also realized for myself again, that cooking together in a group is a big joy and is definitely something to do with your friends on a trip.

Almost no English, but it didn’t matter very much. Still, it would be useful to see the key steps as video with subtitles.

Official Site:
たくみの郷 | 御胎内温泉健康センター


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