Aug 2022, Shoya Gotemba was closed.

A pub of the whole country chain “Shou-ya” is right in front of Gotemba station Fujisan side. If you go out of the station, it would be possible to find the sign which will be “Shou-ya” immediately.

It’s a typical Japanese-style tavern, so the menu are wide, the meat, the fish, the vegetables, the noodles, the rice kinds etc. The liquor is also wide. You can enjoy beer, sake, wine, distilled spirits, whisky and various cocktails.

Even if it results and there is something by which even a vegetarian is OK and doesn’t eat by a reason on the religion, there is something to be eaten certainly.

The menu also describes in English. It is easy to use for a foreigner tourist. Indeed, there are many visitors of a foreigner.

The menu of “Shou-ya” are the grand menu and the seasonal recommendation menu. The seasonal menu is renewed every month. And also the recommendation menu of the day is available. So even if you visit “Shou-ya” in several times, you will not get tired.

Syou-ya Gotemba is open as follows.

> Syou-ya Gotemba

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