**** This cottage has already been closed. We are very sorry to notice it. ****

This is very photogenic, and the kind of place some people would like to share an image of via social media. It was clean, and well renovated, with excellent toilet facilities.

Inside of the house is a good combination of traditional Japanese and modern western accommodations. The bedroom is exactly what you’d imagine/expect in this type of traditional housing (Tatami room) but the kitchens and washrooms are of western style and very easy to use.

I also liked the abundance of outlets that were available all over the house. Because there were so many of us on this trip, it was very helpful that we didn’t have to fight over who got to charge their phones overnight.

It was fun to find a record player that could actually be used.

The garden was quite pretty, but pretty overgrown.

There were no beds so we had to sleep on Tatami. Having only one tatami room limits sleeping options. The mattresses should be thicker to make it easy to sleep on the floor.
I could well imagine spending the weekend over there with a couple of friends and just enjoying the time together.
Probably backpacker-age foreign visitors would want to go there in numbers.

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